Pizza World Franchise Opportunities

Pizza World franchise opportunities – one of the best opportunities in the pizza franchise world

Our Mission at Pizza World is to offer a high-quality product to our customers every time they place an order with Pizza World. We strive to provide a clean and healthy environment, along with the freshest and highest quality products. In addition, we strive to be a proactive member of our communities, whether it is the community surrounding our stores or our franchising family of which we are a part – strong, trusting relationships are a crucial ingredient to our success.

Pizza World is changing the way the world thinks about pizza

Offering a vast array of flavors worldwide, Pizza World combines the exciting new concept of gourmet pizzas with the speed, efficiency, and convenience of traditional pizza delivery restaurants.

Pizza World offers a fine dining experience delivered to the customer’s door or enjoyed right in the store, exceptional quality, freshness, choice, and value all within a highly efficient
delivery system.

  • Fast and efficient delivery and in-store systems
  • Gourmet recipe pizzas feature specialty toppings from around the world on our own “baked to perfection” crust.  Our emphasis is on fresh, wholesome ingredients
  • Full range of complementary products, including subs, calzones, specialty bread, a choice of several tempting salads as well as traditional pizzas with your choice of over 30 toppings

This straightforward concept is the opposite of many current food systems stagnating under more extensive inventories, heavy food cost burdens, and a large employee base. The ease of
preparation of our gourmet pizzas, coupled with an efficient, functional, and cost-effective
the environment gives Pizza World the leading edge in this exciting new food market.

  • Simple & effective operating systems
  • Functional & cost-effective environment, with distinct branding, design & image
  • In-dept & ongoing support for our family of franchisees with advice & hands-on assistance to achieve maximum performance

What You Want to Know About Pizza World

Pizza World combines the world’s finest pizzas with subs, calzones, salads, and traditional pizzas, all available for quick, convenient delivery.  Only the freshest ingredients top our pizzas, salads, and subs.  We only use real cheese grated daily, our homemade sauce, the freshest herbs, vegetables, and quality meats all on top of our freshly baked pizza dough and sub buns.  The entire system has been designed for simplicity and customer convenience.  We’re changing the way the world thinks about pizza because we make it a fine dining experience… One World… One Pizza… Pizza World!